About Kodalith:

Kodalith film was made by Kodak and was primarily designed for making line and halftone negatives for photomechanical reproduction. The Kodalith film and process produced super high contrast black & “white” results that had no gray tones, it was either black or transparent/white. This created an opportunity for artists to include an unlimited range of abstract effects in their designs. 

Kodalith_Vertical Collage_05-20-2020

About Us:

Back in the early 1980s, a group of photographers, designers, and artists began using Kodalith film to create abstract art. That was before Photoshop (1989) which “can” mimic the Kodalith process with just a few mouse clicks. The original Kodalith process required a darkroom, chemicals, and a timely process, but the results, when done correctly, could be incredible. This website is inspired by the love of the Kodalith look.

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